The advantages of a green roof

A green roof is not only beautiful to look at, it is also good for people and the environment. And it has many more advantages! Green roofs help to improve the city's climate, provide healthy air, catch rainwater and offer bees, insects and birds a pleasant living environment. In addition, people feel better in a green environment.

Advantages of a green roof for people and the environment

Stores rainwater

A green roof collects rainwater and temporarily stores the water on the roof. The water is absorbed by the plants in the green roof and later returned to the air through evaporation. The remaining precipitation is only drained off the roof surface after some time. A green roof thus contributes to a stable groundwater level. It relieves the burden on the sewer system and prevents flooding in the streets during heavy rainfall.

Ensures cleaner air

The many plants on a green roof act as filters for fine dust and convert CO2 into oxygen. With a green roof, you help create cleaner air and enjoy better air quality, especially in urban areas.

Less noise - both inside and outside

A green roof has a sound-insulating effect. It muffles the noise from the street and creates a quieter environment. And not only outside. Thanks to the green roof, less noise enters your home.


Protects from heat in summer

A green roof ensures a cooler and more pleasant climate in summer. The plants in a green roof absorb sunlight and work like Mother Nature's air conditioning. The outside temperature around a green roof is 3° C lower. But the climate inside the house also improves. You do not need to use the air conditioning as much. This saves energy and money.

Protects the roofing

A green roof protects the roof covering from weather such as sun, rain, hail, wind and extreme temperatures. Your roof covering will last two to three times longer.


Your property becomes more valuable

The positive benefits of a green roof - such as lower energy consumption, longer life for the roof covering and a more pleasant climate in and around the house - increase the value of your home.

Provides space for birds, butterflies and insects

Green roofs can consist of various types of plants, such as Sedum, herbs, grasses or host plants. These plants are important habitats for birds, bees, butterflies and other insects. With a green roof, you help preserve bees and butterflies and increase biodiversity.

Creates a fire retardant layer

Plants naturally retain a lot of moisture. With a green roof, you therefore create a natural fire-retardant layer on the roof.

Green makes you happy!

Green makes you happy! People feel better in a green environment. Because green roofs are beautiful and inviting to look at, people experience less stress and a more relaxed feeling.


Solar panels work better

Thanks to the plants on a green roof, the temperature on the roof falls. Solar panels work better on cooler roofs than on warm roofs. Installing a green roof under the solar panels improves the performance of the solar panels and saves on energy costs.

Saves time & money / subsidy application

Installing a green roof using pre-cultivated vegetation blankets is very easy and quick. It is also maintenance of your green roof is therefore minimal. This saves you time and money in the long run.
Some municipalities provide a subsidy for the installation of a green roof. The conditions may vary from one municipality to another.
Check here whether you can make use of a subsidy scheme:


Brings people together

Living in a green environment has a proven positive influence on the living environment and brings people together. Green roofs are like green oases in the built environment that bring nature within people's reach. Thanks to greenery, there is less aggression and vandalism.

Instant green, hardly any maintenance

With vegetation blankets, your green roof is ready in a day, with an immediate green result. Upon delivery, the mats for 90% are covered with plants. This leaves little room for weed growth and minimises the maintenance of your green roof.

Has a positive effect on health

People who live in a green environment feel better. Green increases pain tolerance and people recover faster; this is also called a "healing environment". So green roofs have a positive effect on health. Moreover, living in a green environment can reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes in the long term.

Protects from wind and storm


During strong winds, gusts of wind or a storm, your green roof protects the roof covering from being blown away. In short, with a green roof you have an extra stable and erosion-resistant layer on your roof.