SedumPlaza roof packages

A green roof package from SedumPlaza is the green roof solution for your roof. We sell green roof packages in our webshop. With six different types of packages, there is a suitable solution for every type of roof. Each package is easy to install yourself if you call yourself a do-it-yourselfer. If you are not, we can also install the green roof for you. Also choose a sedum roof and get your roof made sustainable!

A SedumPlaza green roof package

  • The only webshop in Belgium that delivers to private individuals
  • Different do-it-yourself green roof packages
  • High-quality products
  • Quality seal for green roof websites
  • Various customer-ready trays and sedum mats

Are you interested in a green roof? You can find more information on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or order directly from our webshop.

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Sedum tray or Sedum mat

There are two sedum green roof systems: sedum tray or sedum mat. You can order six green roof packages with different sedum mats / sedum trays in our webshop. The sedum tray is ready-made and the sedum mat is rollable. The number of sedum plants sometimes varies per system.

SedumPlaza's green roof packages

These are the six green roof packages:

  • Green roof package Aroma: These herb mats consist of a mixture of flowering and aromatic sedum plants. The result is varied colourful vegetation on your roof.
  • Click 'n go green roof package: Customer-ready sedum trays, these trays are easy to click together on the roof. Use the protective cloth to protect the roof covering. This cloth also buffers the extra water.
  • Green roof package Lightweight: Thanks to this lightweight green roof system, even roofs with light bearing capacity are transformed into green oases.
  • Green roof package Flat: Specially made for roofs with a maximum pitch of 5°. The substrate layer is a nutrient-rich substrate that ensures healthy and strong sedum plants.
  • Green roof package Place 'n go: The customer-ready sedum trays can be placed directly next to each other on the roof. Included in the package is a protective cloth, which should be applied to protect the roof covering.
  • Green Roof Package Biodiversity:  This package has been put together in collaboration with The Butterfly Foundation to increase biodiversity on a extensive green roof create


Why choose a green roof?

Do you ever spot a green roof in your hometown? SedumPlaza sedum roofs are definitely worth considering. This is because these green roofs have many benefits: they help improve the city's climate, provide healthy air, capture rainwater and provide pleasant habitats for bees, insects and birds. A nice bonus is that green roofs are beautiful to look at; the urban environment becomes a lot greener and more sustainable. There are still many more advantages to mention about a green roof. Read them all on our website!


We hold a quality seal for green roof webshops. Consumers can be confident that our webshop guarantees the best quality, reliability and service. We deliver the products directly from stock, so delivery times are short.

Upon delivery, the sedum mats and sedum trays are always overgrown immediately before 95%. So you can get started right away and turn your dull, grey roof into a green paradise. You can download the installation procedure on the website.

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Do you also want to contribute to a greener world? Then choose SedumPlaza's green roof packages. There is always a package to suit your type of roof. Our packages are designed so that you only need to indicate the number of m² of your roof. We will then calculate the rest for you.

Order your desired green roof package immediately. Also take a look at our other products in the webshop. If you would like advice or have a question answered, please feel free to contact us. You can also request a no-obligation quote if you entrust us with the installation. You can reach us by phone at +32 2 486 64 57. A email sending is of course also possible, or fill in our contact form In.

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