Sempergreen® Certified

Quality label for green roof shops

Webshops which display the Sempergreen Certified quality mark show that they are allowed to sell Sempergreen's quality products for green roofs.

With webshops carrying the Sempergreen Certified seal of approval, consumers can be confident that the webshop guarantees the best quality, reliability and service.

Why the Sempergreen Certified label?

  • The consumer can be sure that his or her green roof always features Sempergreen's quality products and is supplied by professionals
  • To guarantee this quality in the long term, the webshops are continuously coached by Sempergreen's green roof specialists.

Why choose the products of Sempergreen?

  • Sempergreen products are of the highest quality
  • Upon delivery, the green roof is always covered directly before 95%
  • Sempergreen always delivers directly from stock at its own nursery, which means short delivery times
  • The green products are produced entirely without pesticides and therefore make a positive contribution to the living environment of bees and butterflies.
  • All vegetation for green roofs is grown according to FLL guidelines