Sedum tiles

Sedum tiles are the ideal way to easily create an insulating and ecological green roof. You can describe the sedum tile as a ready-made planter in which sedum plants grow. This shallow planter consists of several layers: drainage, substrate and the succulents themselves. You can find DIY green roof kits in SedumPlaza's webshop. View our product range.

Sedum tiles: create a green roof easily

Sedum roof tiles are made to facilitate the installation of a green roof. A big advantage of sedum roof tiles is that they are very lightweight. This makes them suitable for roofs with light bearing capacity. Why sedum plants are used for sedum roofs? During summer it is hot, but during winter it can freeze severely. By nature, these low plants can withstand the hottest and coldest weather conditions. This makes them ideal for the conditions we find in Belgium and the Netherlands.

How do you lay a green roof with sedum tiles?

Green roofs are suitable for flat and gently sloping roofs. During the installation of sedum roofs protect your roof by installing a protective canvas. Then apply the sedum tiles directly onto this surface. Keep about 15 centimetres away from the edge of your roof so that you can fill it up with gravel and separation profiles. This will protect your roof and ensure optimal drainage.

Installing a green roof is possible all year round. However, for safety's sake, we recommend doing it on a day when there is no rain. Are you laying a sedum roof during the summer? Because of the bright sun, it is important to provide the sedum tiles with sufficient water after completing the installation.

The advantages of a sedum roof

Low-maintenance, environmentally conscious and beautiful when in bloom. But a sedum roof has many more advantages. Whether you choose sedum mats or sedum tiles, you can be sure to give nature a helping hand. With a green roof, you contribute to biodiversity, as butterflies and birds love a piece of nature even when you live in the middle of the city. In addition, sedum roofs encourage clean air in your environment.

This type of roof also has a pleasant heat-regulating effect during summer and winter: during the hot months it cools down your home and during the cold months it retains heat. Succulents can also handle heat and drought very well. The plants absorb water, allowing them to maintain themselves and you do not need to water them.

Various green roof packages

In our range, you will find various ready-made green roof packages for laying a sedum roof. Here you have the choice of sedum tiles, but it is also certainly possible to go for sedum mats and sedum cassettes choose:

  • Aroma: a mix of aromatic sedum mats supplemented by sedum plants.
  • Click 'n go: Customer-ready sedum cassettes to snap together.
  • Lightweight: ideal for roofs with a lighter load-bearing capacity.
  • Flat: for roofs with a maximum pitch of 5°.
  • Place 'n go: You place the customer-ready sedum tiles directly next to each other on your roof.

Order sedum tiles at SedumPlaza

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