Get a green roof kit for your sedum roof

Van uw gewone dak een sedumdak maken? Dit is een uitstekend idee en wij van Sedum Plaza helpen u hier graag bij. Door voor een groendak te kiezen draagt u bij aan een groenere wereld. In de webshop vindt u speciale doe-het-zelf groendakpakketten. Sedum Plaza is een van de weinige webshops in België die deze groendakpakketten mag aanbieden.
Er zijn verschillende pakketten, dus voor elk type dak is wel een geschikte sedum dakbedekking te vinden.

Would you like to know more about a sedum roof and the benefits of this? You will find more information about green roofs on our website. Of course, you can also read more about the green roof packages on the website. Order a green roof package now or contact us if you have any questions.

Sedum roof installation with the green roof kits from SedumPlaza

  • Various do-it-yourself green roof kits
  • High-quality products
  • Quality label for green roof shops
  • Various ready-made trays and sedum mats

What is a sedum roof covering?

A sedum roof covering is a roof covered with succulents, i.e. sedum plants. There is a suitable sedum roof covering for every type of roof. Sedum plants are very powerful plants, they are so strong that they can withstand extreme and changing weather conditions. These succulents can store water in their leaves, which makes them ideal for a green roof. Besides the fact that it looks beautiful both in winter and summer, a sedum roof covering has many more advantages.

The options for a sedum roof

Als het gaat om een sedumdak van SedumPlaza zijn er twee mogelijkheden: klik-en-klaar sedumtrays of uitrolbare sedummatten. De vijf green roof packages We have various sedum mats and sedum trays in our range. We will now go through the green roof packages one by one:

  • Green roof package AromaThe planting consists of a mixture of flowering and aromatic herbaceous mats, supplemented by sedum plants. The result is a green roof with a varied colourful vegetation.
  • Groendakpakket Click ‘n goThe advantage of these trays is that they are easy to click together on the roof. Use the free protective cloth supplied to protect the roofing. This cloth also buffers the extra water.
  • Green roof package LightweightThanks to this light green roof system, even roofs with a light load capacity can be transformed into a green oasis.
  • Green roof package Flat: Specially made for roofs with a maximum pitch of 5°. The substrate layer is a nutrient-rich substrate that ensures a healthy and strong sedum planting.
  • Groendakpakket Place ‘n goThe ready-made sedum trays can be placed directly next to each other on the roof. The package includes a protection cloth, which has to be applied to protect the roofing.

The advantages of a green roof

There is a growing interest in green roofs. There is an explainable reason for this: a green roof is good for people and the environment. One of the main advantages of a green roof is that it collects rainwater and later returns it to the air through evaporation. The remaining precipitation is only drained from the roof surface after some time. In this way, a green roof contributes to a stable groundwater level. In addition, a sedum roof requires little maintenance: the sedum plants can take care of themselves very well. Other advantages are cleaner air, more space for insects, bees and butterflies, protection against the heat and a sedum roof lasts twice as long.

Go to work yourself

Met een SedumPlaza groendakpakket kunt u zelf een sedumdak aanleggen. Een duidelijke aanleginstructie is te vinden op de website, deze kunt u gratis downloaden. Bent u niet zo’n doe-het-zelver? Wij nemen graag de installatie op ons, vraag hiervoor een offerte aan.

Order the desired green roof package now and specify the number of m² on your roof when placing your order. Of course we are available for advice. You can call us at +32 2 486 64 57, a email send or the contact form use.