The installation of sedum roofs

Sedum roof installation

How does the installation of a sedum roof work? If you want to install your sedum roof yourself, you can use Sedumplaza's green roof packages. With a green roof package you can easily install a sedum roof yourself. We sell various green roof packages, including Click 'n Go and Place 'n Go. These are ready-made sedum trays that are easy to click together. We also have sedum mats in our range that can be rolled out.

Installing a sedum roof

Before we explain how a sedum roof construction works, let's start with an explanation of how a sedum roof is constructed. The construction for a sedum roof consists of a drainage with filter fleece, extensive roof garden substrate and a vegetation mat. When building a lightweight green roof, the substrate is replaced by a substrate roll.

To finish a sedum roof, you will also need gravel, separation profiles and a leaf catcher or bulb grate. These are precautions to prevent damage to your eaves or leaks. You can also do the installation of an insulating and environmentally conscious sedum roof yourself, which we would be happy to tell you more about.

Installing a sedum roof - how to do it

Installing a sedum roof is not very difficult. It consists of the following steps:

Step 1

Clean the roof of dirt, leaves or other debris and check for damage in the roofing. This will prevent leaks later.

Step 2

The second step is to apply root-resistant foil, which provides additional protection.

Step 3

Then apply the protective cloth, roll it out to the edge and cut it to size. The protective cloth is included in the green roof package.

Step 4

The fourth step is to apply the drainage layer to the protective canvas. This layer ensures that water does not remain between the plants and the green roof does not get too wet. Optional is the application of a separation profile.

Step 5

The next step is to lay a roof garden substrate on top of the drainage layer. In green roof packages with ready-made sedum trays, the substrate and drainage layer are already incorporated in the cassettes.

Step 6

Then it is now time for the posting of the first sedum cassettes or sedum mats.

Step 7

Finally, water the plants immediately after planting until the substrate layer is fully water-saturated.

If you install the sedum roof on a hot and dry day, you should wet the substrate before placing the plants. It is also important to water the plantlets regularly in drought conditions.

What time of year is suitable for installing a sedum roof?

The installation of a sedum roof is not seasonal. This means that it does not matter whether you do it during summer or winter. However, we do recommend waiting to install your sedum roof when it is a rainy day for safety's sake. Are you laying the green roof on a hot summer day? Then don't forget to wet the substrate. It is also important to water the plants regularly when it is dry.

Which roof is suitable for green roof installation?

Perhaps you want to add a sedum roof to your canopy, bike shed or your extension. We can well imagine that because it provides a beautiful a natural effect to the exterior of your home. But which type of roof is suitable for this? Therefore, it is a good idea to check beforehand whether your roof is sturdy enough and can drain enough rainwater. Unfortunately, if there is an excess of rainwater, it is possible for moss to grow on your sedum roof. Generally, flat and pitched roofs are suitable for installing a sedum roof.

The advantages of a sedum roof

Installing a sedum roof brings many benefits. We have listed some of the reasons why you are not going to regret choosing a sedum roof:

  • Absorption of rainwater: a green roof slows runoff to the ground, provides evaporation and purifies rainwater
  • Cleaner air: sedum plants filter particulate matter from the air and convert CO2 into oxygen
  • Lowered ambient temperature: sunlight is absorbed and reflected, creating a cooler climate
  • Sound insulation: a green roof absorbs noises from outside, ideal if you live near a busy road or railway line
  • Increased biodiversity: a green roof promotes habitats for animals such as butterflies and birds
  • Low maintenance: finally, installing a sedum roof requires little maintenance!

Any questions?

On Sedumplaza's website, you will find detailed installation instructions for each green roof system so that you can do the installation of the sedum roof yourself. Would you rather have a professional install the sedum roof? When you order a green roof package from our webshop, we will take care of the installation of the sedum roof.

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