Sedum on sloping roof

Installing sedum on a pitched roof is certainly possible. However, it is a bit more complicated than installing sedum on a flat roof. Logically, rainwater runs off faster on a sloping roof. That is why watering the roof needs to be taken into account. There is also a difference in how sloping the roof is. Sloping roofs with a pitch of 5°-35° have different needs than very sloping roofs of 60° +.

The right materials

If your roof has a pitch of more than 35°, it is important to install solutions that prevent shifting. A sloping roof puts more weight on the lower part. It is important that your roof can support this. If your roof has insulation material, it is important that the insulation material can withstand compression. The use of rock wool and other soft materials is therefore not recommended for this reason.

If your roof has a pitch of up to 35°, it is still possible to work with standard sedum materials in most cases. If your roof is more sloped than 35°, other measures need to be taken, such as using green roof ribs or substrate holders. Substrate holders are plastic strips placed on the roof this prevents substrate from sliding off on sloping applications. On sloping roofs, additional fertilising and extra watering is needed during drier periods.

Inclination angle

At a pitch of +35°, special anchors are required to prevent shifting. To ensure that the roofs receive enough nourishment, a thicker substrate layer is used. For roofs of 60°+, it is no longer possible to install sedum mats yourself. With these types of roofs, a well-thought-out approach is needed. In the cases of these roofs, the right materials must be used to prevent shifting. Nowadays, sedum mats can even be found on 90° roofs. With sloping roofs, it is additionally important to determine whether the dark is strong enough.

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