Do I have to mow a sedum green roof?

Mowing a sedum green roof is not necessary. Maintaining a green roof is relatively easy, because a green roof is almost maintenance-free. The roof is delivered completely covered with vegetation, so there is little room for weeds to grow. In order to keep the roof looking good for as long as possible, it is usual to walk on the roof at least twice a year. This is necessary because the roof needs to be fertilised and the weeds also need to be removed. While maintaining a green roof you can just walk on the plants. With good maintenance, the plants are strong enough to repair themselves.

Maintenance of green roof

Inspection of your sedum:In order to prevent your roof from becoming overgrown with weeds, you should check the roof twice a year, preferably in spring and in autumn, for weeds. If there are weeds growing between the plants, you can remove them by hand. Do not use chemical pesticides to remove the weeds. Immediately check if the drainage system is still flowing well and remove blown away leaf debris. Mowing a sedum green roof is not necessary!

Fertilisation of the sedum roof: To keep the plants in optimal condition, we recommend fertilising the roof twice a year, at the end of April and the beginning of September. In our webshop you can find fertilising products

Watering the Sedum roof: It is not necessary to water a Sedum. Except in dry periods in the first twelve months after planting. This gives the plants time to recover. When an extremely dry period occurs, it is also sensible to provide the roof with some extra water. You can also water the roof if you want to keep it green all year round.

Please note: A light sedum roof has a limited water buffer. We recommend watering every fortnight during the summer. Would you like to know more about a green roof? Take a look all benefits of having a green roof.

Maintenance of biodiversity roof

Fertilising biodiversity roof: A biodiverse roof does not use extra nutrition. A biodiverse roof can change its composition, so the plants adapt to the environment.

Water Biodiversity Roof: You do not need to give a biodiverse roof any extra water, except in very dry summers.

Mowing biodiversity roof: In order to maintain the vegetation on a biodiverse roof, it is advisable to mow the roof at least once a year. If you want to limit the growth of the roof, you can mow an extra time in mid-June. To keep biodiversity as high as possible, it is best to mow only in September. For a small roof, it is best to use a brushcutter. For larger roofs, we recommend using a beam cutter or a brush cutter on wheels.

More information?

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