Sedum mats

Sedumplaza has extensive experience in the field of sedum mats for all types of roofs. Thanks to our experience in the green sector, we know better than anyone how important it is to make the world a little greener. We try to do our bit by installing sedum mats on every possible roof. We have a suitable green solution for every type of roof and every experience.

Are you considering installing a green roof? Then take contact with us. There is an enthusiastic team ready to advise you. Only together can we make the world a little greener!

Ready-made delivery of sedum mats

Our sedum mats are delivered ready-made in the form of a package. With clear installation instructions, you can easily install the sedum mats on your roof. If you do need some help installing the sedum mats, you can count on us; we are happy to lend a hand!

The advantages of Sedum blankets

Installing sedum mats on your roof brings several benefits. You benefit yourself and, with a sustainable roof, you help the climate. Below is a small selection of what benefits sedum mats bring:

  • Stores rainwater
  • Ensures cleaner air
  • Less noise, both indoors and outdoors
  • Protects against heat in summer
  • Property increases in value
  • Green makes you happy

Furthermore, sedum mats offer even more benefits. For example, did you know that people who live in a green environment feel better? Green roofs have a positive effect on health. Sedum mats help people recover faster from physical ailments and increase pain tolerance. See in our webshop which green roof package is suitable for your home. Not quite there yourself? Then take contact on, we are happy to advise you!

The green roof specialist

We are the specialist in sedum mats and green roofs. We have a suitable solution for every type of roof. The sedum mats we use are from the A-brand Sempergreen. The sedum mats from Sempergreen are of high quality and easy to install. SedumPlaza is the only webshop in Belgium certified to sell Sempergreen products to private customers. Thanks to this quality seal, you are guaranteed the best quality, reliability and service from our webshop. Thanks to our collaboration with Sempergreen, we can quickly supply you with the right sedum mats. As a result, delivery time is short and your roof will be green in no time.

Green your roof

To green your roof using sedum mats, we use two different types of sedum green roof systems: the sedum tray system or the sedum mat system. The sedum trays are ready-made and easy to install by a real do-it-yourselfer. The sedum mats are easy to roll out and work slightly differently. The type of plants incorporated in the sedum mats depends on the system used.

Sedum mat care

Our sedum mats consist of real plants and, like all plants, they need care. We have the right care products for your sedum mats. For the perfect long-term result, we recommend using Sedum Conditioner or Sedum Nutrition.

Sedum Conditioner is an NK fertiliser. The conditioner ensures strong and healthy plants, making the sedum mats last longer. The conditioner is an eco-friendly coating and ensures that the sedum mats gradually get the right nutrition.

Sedum Nutrition is specially formulated for the maintenance of sedum mats. It is an organic NPK fertiliser and contains essential trace elements and microalgae that ensure sedum mats last even longer. The addition of microalgae gives the sedum mats the right vitamins and amino acids they need.

Getting started quickly

The steps towards a green roof are quick. Our packages are designed so that you only need to fill in the m2 and we will calculate the rest for you. Take a quick look at the webshop and choose the green roof package that suits you. Before you know it, you will be enjoying a beautiful green roof!