Sedum cassette

Ready-made green roof package

A sedum cassette as a green roof. Sedum cassettes - what are they, what can you do with them, how do you install them and what makes them such an ideal green roof solution? We explain it to you in this blog article. SedumPlaza is an approved supplier of green roof packages.

What are sedum cassettes anyway?

'Sedum cassette' is another word for a ready-made green roof package. It is an easy-to-apply, ready-to-use green roof solution best compared to a shallow, multi-layered planter. The top two layers consist of green succulents, sedum plants, colourful vegetation and roof garden substrate, while the bottom layers serve as the drainage and storage of rainwater and protection of the underlying roof covering. Sedum cassettes can be clicked together like puzzle pieces, allowing you to quickly and easily green your entire roof yourself.

What are the benefits?

More and more people are choosing sedum cassettes to turn their normal roof into a green sedum roof. Sedum cassettes actually have many benefits. We have listed them for you:

  • Are easy to apply to your existing roofing;
  • Help the climate;
  • Catch rainwater;
  • Promote biodiversity;
  • Have a sound-insulating effect;
  • Provide cooling in summer;
  • Protect your already existing roofing;
  • Increase the value of your property;
  • Promote solar panel operation;
  • Require little to no maintenance.

Mounting Sedum cassettes: simple and quick

One of the great advantages of sedum cassettes is that you can use this type of build your own green roof. Exactly how this works depends on the sedum roof cassette you choose, but in general it works as follows. Before you start, the roof should be cleaned to prevent leakage. Then you place a root-proof foil on your roof, this to provide extra protection for your current roofing.

You then lay a protective cloth/felt over it and this is where you place the sedum cassettes and click them together. This protects your roofing and ensures that it remains waterproof. Since the sedum cassette already contains several drainage layers, you do not need to install them separately - something that saves a lot of time and effort.

Have green roof installed

Would you rather not risk installing the sedum cassettes on your roof? In that case, we will be happy to take this job off your hands. This way, you can be sure that the green roof package is installed professionally and that you will have a green roof that you will enjoy and benefit from for years to come.

What is a sedum roof?

A sedum roof is a vegetation roof planted mainly with sedum sheets. These succulents are easy to maintain and lightweight. Sedum roof is a type of green roof, this type of roof is an ecological solution that contributes to a better environment. A sedum roof is an intensive green roof system known for its many benefits. The roof is covered with succulent plants, which retain water well and are strong against drought.

Sedum roofing cassette

When to choose a sedum roofing cassette? First, you must have a flat or gently sloping roof (0 to 15 degrees). It does not matter if your roof is difficult to reach. After all, installing sedum cassettes is easy and quick. Finally, you obviously want to realise a demountable green roof.

Buy Sedum cassettes?

Do you want to buy sedum cassettes? Then SedumPlaza is the obvious supplier. In our range you will find various types of sedum cassettes of the A-brand Sempergreen. With our green roof packages make your roof green and sustainable in an affordable way. Discover our range , choose the sedum cassette that best suits your situation and wishes and place an order immediately. Any questions? Then feel free to contact with us.