Green roof package Place 'n Go

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With the Sedum Plaza Place 'n Go green roof package, the roof can be transformed into a green roof in a very short time. The package includes a protective sheet, which should be applied to protect the roof covering. The ready-to-use Sedum trays can be placed directly next to each other on the roof.
The Place 'n Go Sedum trays measure 50 x 50 cm and are very easy to install.

This green roof package includes:
-Place 'n Go Sedum Tray
-Protection cloth

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Place 'n Go Sedum Tray

The Sedum Plaza Place'n Go Sedum Tray is a lightweight foam tray consisting of recycled polyurethane. The tray consists of a drainage layer and a mix of different species of Sedum. The plants grow on a specially developed substrate. The percentage of vegetation on delivery is at least 95%.

Protective canvas

Consisting of recycled fibres.

Thickness system: 70-90 mm
Saturated weight: 45-50 kg/m²
Maximum roof pitch: 15°
Water buffering capacity: 22 L/m²
Size Sedum Tray: 50 x 50 cm