Green roof package Lightweight

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Not every roof can support the Sedum Plaza Flat Green Roof Package. The Sedum Plaza Lightweight Green Roof Package was developed especially for this purpose. With this special solution, almost every roof can be transformed into a green roof.
The building layers of this lightweight green roof system are also very easy to install.

This green roof package includes:
- Sedum-mix mat 30 mm
- Substrate roll 40 mm
- Drainage C20

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Sedum-mix mat 30 mm

Pre-cultivated sedum mix mat consisting of a mix of 8-12 different species of Sedum. Vegetation percentage on delivery: minimum 95%.

Substrate roll 40 mm

Substrate roll is a lightweight green roof substrate made of long rock wool fibres. It is a good growing medium and provides excellent water absorption and retention.

Drainage C20

Type C20 drainage is a three-dimensional, lightweight and flexible drainage mat with a draining core of looped polypropylene filaments. The top and bottom of the drainage has a filter fleece.

System thickness 60-70 mm
Saturated weight 45-50 kg/m²
Maximum roof pitch 15°
Water buffering capacity: 35 L/m²