Fertilising Sedum Conditioner

From: 22,95

Sedum Conditioner is a controlled, slow-release NK fertiliser. The environmentally friendly coating around the fertiliser pellets ensures that the nutrients are released gradually and in a controlled way. The main components are nitrogen (N) and potassium (K). Besides the NK, it also contains magnesium and trace elements. The fertiliser provides an even supply of nutrients, leading to a healthy and strong plant.

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  • 5 kg bucket
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Sedum Conditioner is a controlled slow-release fertiliser with a duration of 9 months. Sedum Conditioner improves the rooting of Sedum, resulting in healthy and strong plants.

The best time to fertilise your sedum roof is late April and early September. The recommended dose of Sedum Conditioner is 1 kg per 40 m² of sedum.