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Want to buy a green roof? On this page you will find the five green roof kits of the brand SempergreenWe are the only webshop in Belgium that is allowed to offer this product. There is a suitable sedum roof covering for every type of roof. Moreover, they are do-it-yourself packages, so you can start making your roof more sustainable yourself! Of course, we can also take care of the installation of the Sempergreen sedum roof.

SedumPlaza is Sempergreen® Certified, which means that we are in possession of a quality mark for green roof shops. You are assured of the best quality, reliability and service.

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Ordering a green roof package in our webshop

Choose a green roof and benefit from the many advantages of a green roof. benefits. Sedum roofing, for example, helps to improve the city's climate and provides healthy air. You will also be visited regularly by insects, bees and birds, who will appreciate a roof covered with sedum plants. Order a green roof package in our web shop and specify the number of m² of your roof when placing the order.

Green roof kits from Sempergreen

Sempergreen offers two sedum systems: the ready-to-use sedum tray or the roll-out sedum mat. The five green roof packages have different sedum mats and sedum trays. The number of sedum plants varies per system.

  • Sempergreen Aroma green roof packageThe planting consists of a mixture of flowering and aromatic herbaceous mats, supplemented by sedum plants. The result is a green roof with a varied colourful vegetation.
  • Sempergreen green roof package Click 'n go: Ready-made sedum trays, which are easy to click together on the roof. Use the protection cloth to protect the roofing. This cloth also buffers the extra water.
  • Sempergreen green roof package LightweightThanks to this light green roof system, even roofs with a light load capacity can be transformed into a green oasis.
  • Sempergreen green roof package Flat: Specially made for roofs with a maximum pitch of 5°. The substrate layer is a nutrient-rich substrate that ensures a healthy and strong sedum planting.
  • Sempergreen green roof kit Place 'n goThe ready-made sedum trays can be placed directly next to each other on the roof. The package includes a protection cloth, which has to be applied to protect the roofing.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to receive more information about these green roof packages. We can be reached by telephone at +32 2 486 64 57. You may also have a email send or the contact form on the website.

What is a green roof?

A green roof is a very ecological solution that contributes to a better environment. There are various types of green roofs to choose from. Each type has its own characteristics and advantages. You can buy a sedum roof from us. This is a vegetation roof that is mainly planted with sedum plants (succulents). These are easy to maintain and lightweight.

The advantages of a green roof

There are many advantages to a green roof. You cover the roof with plants, which creates a lower ambient temperature. The heat in your home is better regulated and it saves energy. The green roof also absorbs rainwater, preventing it from entering the sewers. This ensures that the groundwater level remains stable and the sewers are less burdened. Flooding can also be reduced as a result.

Do you have solar panels on your roof? Then a green roof is very efficient. The plants increase the output of the solar panels. This is because the temperature of the roof is reduced. The cooler roof provides a higher yield from the solar panels, which in turn reduces your energy bill. The plants also act as sound barriers inside and outside your home.

There are many more advantages to a green roof. We have listed them for you:

  • The plants provide cleaner air;
  • The life span of the roof is extended;
  • The value of your property is increased;
  • The green roof increases biodiversity;
  • A fire-resistant layer is created;
  • It saves time and money.

Laying the green roof yourself

The do-it-yourselfer can easily install the green roof. install by yourself. Op onze website vindt u de aanleginstructies voor het Sempergreen Click’n Go sedumtrays, Sempergreen Lichtgewicht groendak en Sempergreen Traditioneel groendak. Deze installatieprocedures kunt u gewoon gratis downloaden. Ook kunt u bij ons terecht als u onderhoudsadvies wenst.

Buy a Sempergreen green roof

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of a Sempergreen green roof and furnish your home? Order your green roof package directly through our website. Choose the package that best suits your situation, select the number of square meters and place your order directly through our website. We will make sure that your order is delivered to you as soon as possible. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.