How do you maintain a green roof?

A green roof needs proper maintenance, despite the fact that a green roof is very low-maintenance from the basics. If you maintain it properly and the roof is in top condition, you will enjoy a long life. But how does one maintain a green roof? And does one still distinguish between a sedum roof and a biodiverse roof? And can you simply walk over the plants while carrying out maintenance? We will go into this in more detail.

Maintenance of a green roof

Despite the fact that a sedum green roof is very low-maintenance, it still needs to be maintained. This applies to both a sedum roof and a biodiverse roof. When maintaining both types of green roofs, you can simply walk over the plants, as they can withstand this. However, we do distinguish between the maintenance of these two different green roofs. After all, maintenance requires a different approach.

Sedum roof maintenance

When maintaining a sedum roof it is important to check the green roof twice a year for windblown in herbs, preferably in spring the autumn. You can remove these unwanted overgrowths by hand. Do not use pesticides. We recommend fertilising the green roof twice a year, in April and early September to be precise. If the roof is well rooted, there is no need to provide the green roof with additional water. Are there dry periods during the first year after installation? In that case, we recommend watering the green roof every week.

Biodiversity roof maintenance

A biodiverse roof requires a different kind of maintenance. Because the natural balance of plates on your bio-roof may change, this roof usually does not need extra water or nutrition. Only when there is a very dry period is it advisable to water the green roof weekly. To maintain the vegetation, mow the roof once in autumn. We recommend doing this in September, during which time the life cycle of the bees is complete. Mid-June is also a suitable option. When doing this, remember to remove the loose greenery from the roof within 4 days, so that the greenery does not get excess nutrients.

Want to know more about maintaining a green roof?

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